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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 14

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 14

A horde of carnos came storming in. The redwood tribe was strong, but the Weathertop tribe was stronger.

Suddenly, a mass of Rexes, griffins, and gigas stormed in.

“I brought reinforcements!” Yelled a young man riding a diplo.

“Kiram!” Yelled Chiron. “Attaboy!”

The tables had turned. Thousands of troops on either side were killed. Gigas chomped on everything, until something awful happened.

A massive ballista bolt flew through the air, striking one of the gigas and killing it. The others, in their rage, attacked the source: the titanosaur. None of them made it.

The redwoods and volcano forces combined managed to slay the entire army.

Except for the titanosaur.

“Hey!” Cutter shouted. “He’s escaping!”

The man had escaped his cage, and climbed onto the immense platform saddle of the titanosaur.

“After your defeat,” he snarled, “the world will know the name of Victor Skrake!” Nox stifled a laugh, but it would have been a kaprosuchus laugh, which doesn’t really sound like a human laugh.

“Prepare for death!” Skrake yelled. The titan’s ballista turrets were armed and ready to fire.

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