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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 11

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 11

The Weathertop was a massive plain stretching across the Footpaw, south of the swamp. Sunny did not land this time. There were eight carnos guarding the front gates of the village, and a giant dodo for some reason.

“Is this mission really important anymore?” Nox asked angrily. “Roughtooth is dead, and it seems like everyone’s already heard what happened.”

Kai looked at the carnos. They looked like they were guarding something even more precious.

“I’ll scout.” Said Kai. Jenny and Nox both agreed to come. They took Flare and headed down.

“I think it’s something in that main building.” Jenny said. “The rest of the village seems empty.”

They silently landed on the roof of the massive main building. Nox pressed his head to the roof.

“They’ll be defenseless.”

“Right in for the kill.”

And then, “That redwood tribe.”

Kai gasped. “They’re going to attack our tribe!”

“We must warn them.” Kai said, at the same moment as a carno spotted them.

They didn’t have time to get on Sunny. She flew off with the others, Flare right in her heels.

They could only hope to have enough time to warn their tribe.

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