Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 10

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 10

“You came to our tribe as honored guests, Chiron.” Haphis snarled. “And your friend’s Griffin injures this town’s greatest warrior!”

“I guess that means that Flare is the greatest warrior now.” Chiron shrugged.

Nox sat chained to the floor of the throne room along with Cutter and Pouncer.

“Where are the others?” Haphis asked.

Mist and Hopper sauntered in, and were chained as well. Flare was already chained to the wall.

“You are exiled from this city forever!” Yelled Haphis. “Bring me the other two.” Haphis ordered the guards.

The kapros waited in silence for an hour. Finally, the guards dragged in Kai and Jenny, who looked fairly angry.

“Get out.” Haphis growled.

They left the city, and then boarded Sunny and flew off.

“Where to now?” Nox asked Kai.

“Let’s see...” Kai unfolded a map. “We are off to a tribe living on the Weathertop.”

“Hey, I know that place!” Nox said. “It’s near the swamp!”

“This is our last destination.” Kai said. “After that, we’re going home.”

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