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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 8 part 2

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 8 part 2

As Kai and Jenny were having a tender moment, the kapros were being chased through the streets by angry direwolves. They jumped up onto a rooftop, knocking off shingles, which fell, hitting the wolves in their heads.

“What are you doing?” An argy screeched. Seven more came, and they all dove at Nox. Pouncer knocked him aside, and the argys grabbed her.

Cutter knocked an argy onto the rooftop, brick shingles sliding down like an avalanche. Pouncer escaped and they managed to duck into a back alley, escaping their pursuers.

“That was close.” Panted Cutter.

“I wonder how Jenny and Kai are doing.” Said Nox.

“Hey, who are you? Roared a giga chained to a massive post at the far side of the next street bordering the alley.

The kapros didn’t care if he was chained up. They hated gigas more than they hated anything.

The wolves spotted them, and then the argys. The chase led them up to the blue obelisk.

The kapros dashed straight into the chiefs palace.

The wolves went in after them.

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