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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 8, part 1

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Jaws of the Crocodile- Chapter 8, part 1

Cutter had Pouncer on his shoulders, and Pouncer had Nox on hers.

“This place has really high windows.” Cutter strained the words, encumbered by two other kapros on top of him.

“It’s the only way to figure out what a date is.” Said Nox. “This might have to do with how Kai was acting at the volcano.”

“Maybe it’s what humans do when they fall in love.” Theorized Pouncer. Nox shushed her.

“Nice place, isn’t it?” Jenny asked Kai. All the other couples in the restaurant were wearing fancy clothes, but Kai and Jenny just wore their armor.

“Yeah.” Kai looked around. “Back home we basically had a bronto with a bunch of campfires on the platform saddle, and if you wanted cooked food, that’s where you had to go.”

Jenny laughed, and Nox was even more puzzled. That sounded like a horrible way to live.

“Back on the volcano, we had a few cooking pots, but it was cold up there. I haven’t eaten much besides berries in my life.”

“I wonder what it’s like living here.” Said Kai. “So much fortifications, and even better: no carno attacks.”

The kapros came crashing down. Nox found a gutter and clung to it, looking through the window.

“So... what about your family?” Kai asked.

“My parents died in a raid.” Jenny said. “They gave me Flare when I was eight.”

“My parents are from a different tribe.” Kai said. “Our tribe split up a while ago. My parents were on the other faction. They left me.”

Nox dictated all that to the other kapros, who instantly began muttering about it.

“Chiron mentored me since my parents died.” Jenny sighed. “He is like a father to me.”

“I never really had any friends.” Kai said. “I was just known as ‘that guy, the best fighter in the village’.”

“Hey.” Jenny put a hand on his hand. “You have one now.”

Nox didn’t hear more than that, because a pack of tamed wolves came along.

“Hey! One shouted. “You can’t be there!”

The kapros were off with a flash.

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