*sets up campfire*

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*sets up campfire*

Hello! If you guys dont mind im gonna start writing here. Im not going to move all of my storys here, im just going to put my actual storys about dinos i have in ark! My storys are in oviraptor, and my myths are in jugbug. I put unofficial storys and info in tan dye. Also go check out parchment dye for hjk and spiritbird, 2 very nice people with some good storys! If you have any questions, I would recommend tan dye, i check all of my sections, but tan dye is where i would probably answer them. Also, i have a vote going on! Its a vote for where my next story takes place. If you want to know more, go to oviraptor and tan dye, those are where i put my announcements. The vote is very important, regarding 2 of my storys. Peace! ✌

-a very happy shadow(my tag is shadow)

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