The Final Arks

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The Final Arks

Book 1: Shadows Rising

Chapter 8

Jack grabbed the rifle and handed a pistol to Sarah, and they walked down the corridors, watching out for guards.

β€œStop right there!” Jack groaned and turned around, two guards were pointing rifles at them. He shot both the guards and ran through the corridors. They were attacked by guards, but they killed the, and carried on. He shot one of the guards in the head and stole his shotgun. Jack blasted someone in the head, splattering blood and brains on the wall. He shot someone else, blowing their chest open. A guard ran at him with a sword, but Emily shot the man in the head with her pistol. Something hit Jack in the legs and he fell, the same thing happened to Emily, they had been hit by bolas! A pair of guards walked up to the holding clubs and knocked them out.

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