The Final Arks

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The Final Arks

Book 1: Shadows rising

Chapter 1

By Apex

All he could hear was gunshots, the air was filled with the sounds of a great battle, Jack was a member of the Final Blades tribe on the island, and they were battling the overseer. He loaded his assault rifle and fired at the defence units and attack drones. A soldier next to him fell to the ground, clutching his chest, Jack shot down a nearby attack drone and tried to help the soldier up, but a defence unit knocked him aside and stabbed the soldier, before turning to Jack.

โ€œYou have got to be kidding meโ€ Jack muttered to himself, just as the defence unit lifted up one of its claws. He rolled out of its way just at the right moment, and a rocket struck the robots side, blowing it up. A giga rushed past him to join the others in the battle, and Jack picked up his assault rifle to follow it, but then something happened.

Something struck Jack in the back, he gasped and dropped his rifle. He turned around, and something struck his chest, knocking him backwards. He felt his chest, something had broken through his flak armour, his flesh was burnt and bloody, he had been shot by an attack drone.

โ€œDamn itโ€ he groaned. Another soldier came and grabbed him by one arm, dragging Jack along.

โ€œWeโ€™ve nearly killed the overseer!โ€ The soldier exclaimed.

All of a sudden, a defence unit sliced off the arm that the soldier was grabbing him with, before stabbing him. The robot lifted up a claw to kill Jack, but it froze and died, there was the sound of a huge explosion and cheers of victory. Theyโ€™d done it, theyโ€™d killed the overseer. Jack smiled, and blacked out.

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