Locked and Loaded- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy- This is the first story of Genesis Tales.

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Locked and Loaded- Chapter 1 By Swamp Guy- This is the first story of Genesis Tales. There will be six stories in this saga.

Tentacle swam through the oceans, minding her own business. The X-Mosas and Megachelons paid no attention to her. The Genesis Ocean was quiet for once. The islands were black shadows at the surface that faded away as Tentacle swam down deeper, grappling at an X-basilosaurus.

“You can’t grab me, stupid squid!” The basilo laughed.

“Oh yeah?” Tentacle shouted. She whipped a tentacle hard and killed the basilo in one hit. She continued her way home.

When Tentacle got home, she was in for a horrible shock. All of her family members and friends in her colony lay dead, or rather floated, being harvested by survivors on X-Megalodons.


“What do I do? What do I do?” Tentacle panicked. She had swam to the surface to stay away from your survivors.

“Eat berries and hope for the best!” A squeaky voice said. A dodo peeked his head out from the edge of an island.

“You’re a squid!” He squeaked. “I’ve never seen one of your kind!”

“Yeah, we don’t come up here much. I’m Tentacle.”

“Call me Grey.” The dodo jumped off the island, and Tentacle watched in horror.

Grey landed square on her head.

“So,” he asked, “what’s a squid doing all the way up here?”

“My family got killed.”

“Oh no! Who did it?!”

“Survivors.” Tentacle snarled. “Who bent the Megalodon to their will.”

Grey looked sad. “I had a family once too, but they were poached by survivors as well.”

They both sighed a deep sigh, and then realized something.

“Together we can rid our ocean of the humans!” Grey squeaked.

“Right.” Tentacle nodded. “But first we have to build an army.”

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