Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 25: land of the corrupted (sorry for the long waiting.)

Daniel had just used the terminal, and he knew he wasn’t in crystal isles. He had been there before, but this place had a lot of corruption. Daniel looked around in a full circle, and all he saw was corruption and corrupted creatures. Daniel decided to do something stupid and shoot a bullet into the air, attracting the corrupted creatures in the area. Rexes, raptors, dilos, and even corrupted dilos came at Daniel. Daniel saw a lot of creatures. Daniel shot into horde of creatures, doing almost nothing. A corrupted rex in the front fell over, crushing the many raptors, dilos, and dodos. One more rex, and a couple raptors and they would all be dead. Daniel pulled out a tek sword as the raptors got close. Daniel slashed at the corrupted raptors, causing big gashes and ultimately killing them. Then the corrupted rex had made it into biting range. The rex charged and bit at Daniel, almost grabbing his leg as Daniel had pulled out his tek rifle and was shooting the rex. The rex died very quickly, probably because Daniel had been hitting it while it was in the horde. Daniel saw a flare flying into the air, and then exploding. Either the people there were insane enough to fight corrupted creatures, or leading them into a kill zone, but Daniel decided to check it out. Daniel eventually made it to where the flare had been shot from, and then he was teleported. He was at the snow base, and he hadn’t understand why he was teleported, but he saw a ton of creatures ready for battle, including wyverns from crystal isles.

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