Don’t join the server leech, everyone switched over to…

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Don’t join the server leech, everyone switched over to the official server “Mortar, medium, NA” so you can find me active there. Now let’s get to the episode.

Corrupted Earth

Episode 18: my way to the snow base (Daniel’s POV)

Daniel was in the snow dome. He had recently killed a managarmr, but now he was near the edge of the snow dome, and a giga close by. Daniel quickly dashed behind a rock before the giga could bite him, barely avoiding his death. Daniel landed as many shots as he could with his tek rifle, making it overheat. Daniel kept running through the snow, shooting at the giga when could, until it went into rage mode. The giga roared with pure fury, ready to tear anything apart. The giga hit Daniel with its head as hard as it could, knocking Daniel over. Daniel pulled out his tek railgun, charged it up and shot the giga in the head, killing it. Daniel got up, and walked away from the giga’s corpse. After a good amount of time of trudging through the snow, he saw the snow base. Just then, Daniel heard a howl. And then another, and then he heard two more. Four dire wolves. Daniel turned around, tek rifle ready. He shot the dire wolves as they charged at Daniel, but Daniel’s weapon was too strong. Daniel’s jet pack on the tek suit had no fuel, so he would have to climb this mountain. Daniel climbed the mountain, almost falling a couple times, and then he faced a managarmr, and enforcer, and four people in fur armour.

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