It seems I haven’t written for 2 days.

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It seems I haven’t written for 2 days. Sorry about that, you can find me active on the official mobile server “Leech” in the Dodo legion tribe with other fanfictioners. Now let’s get to the episode.

Corrupted Earth

Episode 17: taming a managarmr

The upgrade had been installed. Dasher could dash three times now and his shield could withstand a managarmr’s ice breath.

“There’s a few people going out to tame a managarmr, you should bring the enforcer with you since his shield can withstand a managarmr’s ice breath.” Said an engineer.

“Got it.” Said Dan. Dasher and Dan exited the upgrade station and headed towards the exit. Once they finally got to the exit, they saw a team of three about to head off into the tundra.

“Are you the people looking to tame a managarmr?” Dan asked one of them.

“That would be correct. Are you here to help us?” Asked one of them.

“Yes, we are here to help. The enforcer, Dasher, has a shield that can withstand the managarmr’s ice breath. And who exactly are all of you? My name is Dan.” Said Dan.

“I’m Hunter, the one the right is Jack, and the one on the left is Justin.” Said Hunter.

“We should get going now.” Said Dan.

“We should.” Hunter agreed. They ventured off into the tundra, until they eventually found a managarmr.

“Be quiet. We don’t want this predator to hear us or see us yet.” Said Hunter.

“I have tranq darts ready.” Said Justin.

“Same here, got my long neck rifle ready.” Said Jack.

“It seems we are ready, shoot your tranqs.” Said Hunter. Just then, Hunter, Jack, and Justin all shot tranq darts at the managarmr, alerting it. The five of them dropped down the cliff side. Dasher enabled his shield, blocked the managarmr’s ice breath. Dasher heard more tranqs fly into the air and hit the managarmr. The managarmr jumped into the air, crashing down into the ground almost hitting Dasher. Dasher heard a few more tranq darts, and then the managarmr fell to the ground, unconscious. Hunter walked up to the unconscious managarmr and fed it prime meat. After a while of feeding the managarmr narcotics and prime meat, it awoke, tamed. They lead the managarmr back to the base, to be greeted by a person in a red tek suit.

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