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The Volcano 13

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The Volcano 13

It was the next day. Magma knew a lot of magmasaurs would end up dead. After a bit the warriors gathered at the entrance to the cave. King Magmus stood in front of everyone.

“Today we march into battle. Victory will be on our side!” Said king Magmus. The magmasaurs cheered. Then they started their journey to the highest and coldest mountain, which Magmus called it “sub zero.” Once they got to the start of the mountain, the dragon was waiting for them. It roared and then shot electricity into the air. The magmasaurs shot lava at it, but it did nothing. It looked at Magma, who had scared it off. The dragon shot it’s cold water at Magma. Magma knew he would most likely die from how cold the water is, but tried something. Fire was blazing from the pipes on his back, and it was hot enough to turn the water to steam. The dragon ran out of breath and stood there, temporarily stunned because of how much water he used. Magma tried shooting lava into its mouth again and it worked. The dragon was hurt even more now. It flew away, higher up the mountain.

“He’s a volcanic!” Said a warrior.

“What is a volcanic?” Asked Magma.

“A volcanic is a ancient race of magmasaurs. Only people with very hot flames that can melt anything is related to a volcanic. But if your wondering why we are weaker, something killed off the volcanics and the only two alive were weaker.” Said a guard. They continued up the mountain, wondering what they would face next.

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