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The Volcano

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The Volcano

Chapter 10

Everyone gathered at the graveyard inside of the volcano. Many people had died to the dragon, and those brave souls should be remembered.

“We honor these deaths. They fought for the terrible beast in hopes that we would survive. We may have survived, but they didn’t. They deserve recognition and respect for this.” Said king Magmus. The king continued his speech for a while, but the memorial lasted atleast an hour or two. Magma, Fire, and Lava Rock decided to meet at one of the highest points inside the volcano. When the three magmasaurs got there, they spoke about the dragon.

“The old fire wyvern in that cave told us he lives up on the highest mountain, where all the bad things live.” Said Fire.

“That’s what they told us, atleast.” Said Magma.

“I’m worried about the lightning wyverns. Do they still declare war on us because of Lava?” Said Lava Rock.

And then they remembered that magmasaur. Why did he attack the lightning wyverns for no reason?

“Well, if we want to defeat the dragon, we can go now or get help from Magmus or the other wyverns.“ Said Fire. They continued talking for hours and then realized it was late.

“We should get back to our places.” Said Lava Rock.

“I agree.” Said Magma. They went back to their caves within the volcano and slept.

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