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The Volcano

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The Volcano

Chapter 7

“That was scary.” Said Fire.

“We would have died there if we hadn’t ran. I hope the king survived.” Said Magma.

“We should just rest for now and worry about the dragon later.” Said Lava Rock. The other magmasaurs agreed with Lava Rock and slept. Magma heard something in the cave. He woke up. ‘How long had we slept for?’ Wondered Magma. He heard the sound again. It sounded like fire. Magma turned around and saw a fire wyvern.

“Who are you?” Croaked the Fire wyvern. Magma assumed he Was old, because of his croaky voice.

“I’m Magma. The other magmasaurs are Fire and Lava Rock.” Replied Magma.

“Magmasaurs? Why are you in my cave, you should be at a meeting with the fire wyverns. Lava Rock woke up, and saw the fire wyvern. He decided to wake up Fire. “What is it?” Asked Fire.

“Look.” Lava Rock whispered.

“A dragon attacked the fire wyvern trench, almost making them go extinct.” Said Magma.

“I warned them of this dragon that would come, but they just laughed at me and didn’t believe me.” Said the old wyvern.

“And why we are in this cave is because the dragon attacked the poison wyverns and told us to run.” Said Magma.

“You three must stop this dragon. He lives on the highest and coldest mountain. I went up there before and saw eggs. But the dragon attacked me and I escaped.” Said the old wyvern. The wyvern showed Magma the scars the dragon had made.

“When should we go?” Asked Magma.

“Head back to your volcano. Tell your leader of this. Prepare for a battle with the dragon. He will not be easy.” Said the old wyvern.

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