The Volcano

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The Volcano

Chapter 4

The giga roared at the running magmasaur, who was calling for help. The other three magmasaurs charged up their lava, and shot it at the Giga’s leg. The giga turned his head and saw them. The giga roared and ran at them. The magmasaurs charged up their lava again, and then the area around them got hotter. They released their lava balls at the giga’s head, melting through its brain and killing it. The giga fell to the ground, blood coming out of its neck.

“Where’s the fifth person?” Asked Lava Rock.

“The giga killed him.” Replied the magmasaur.

“And what were you doing? We’re going to be late to the meeting.” Said Magma.

“We went a little bit around the volcano and then that giga dropped on top of my friend.” Said the magmasaur.

“Anyways, what’s your name?” Asked Fire.

“My name is Lava.” Said the magmasaur.

“We should get going. We would already be halfway there.” Said Magma.

They continued towards the area where the meeting would be held, and then they made it.

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