The Volcano

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The Volcano

Chapter 3

It was the next day. The day when Magma would go to the meeting. The magmasaurs who had volunteered went to the king on this day.

“Well, you know what we must do.” Said king Magmus the 3rd.

“Do not attack any wyverns, because we do not want to start a war again, like the last few times.” Continued king Magmus. The king looked over at the fire proof paintings of the last kings who had died during the wyvern and magmasaur wars.

“And secondly, we will go to meet with the fire wyverns and then the poison wyverns. Now you five go to the meeting.” Said Magmus.

Magmasaurs were only allowed outside of the volcano on special occasions like this.

“We should get to know each other’s names while we can before the meeting.” Said one of the magmasaurs.

“I’m Lava Rock.” Said one of them.

“I’m Fire.” Said another.

“And I’m Magma.” Said Magma. The magmasaurs looked around and didn’t see the other two. “Where did they wander off to?” Asked Lava Rock, who was confused.

“I have no idea where they went.” Replied Fire.

“We should look around for them.” Suggested Magma. Suddenly they heard loud footsteps and one of the magmasaurs. Those footsteps only meant one thing... a giga.

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