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The Hungry Dark- Chapter 8

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The Hungry Dark- Chapter 8

On the run again. Sean sighed. Willow set up a few tents for the night, but Sean declined. He wanted to sleep in the open.

The next day, a Rex attacked. Sean hopped on Nightshade and killed it.

They made it to the White Cliffs a few days later. The massive ravine with the hidden Darklords base came into view. Turrets. Thousands of turrets.

“How are we gonna get past?” Sean asked.

“Watch.” Willow whispered. He threw a stone out. All of the turrets began firing and wasting their bullets. Finally, Willow quickly tamed a Dodo and threw it at the turrets.


“Out of ammo!” Sean remarked. Willow picked up his new dodo and they rushed inside.


The Grandmaster of the Darklords sat sullenly in a chair. This chair was atop a Tek Quetzal who, along with others, were flying him and the armies to the Wyvern Trench. The last remaining holdout of the Dragonslayers. When they were defeated, the Grandmaster would rule Valguero.

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