The Hungry Dark- Chapter 3

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The Hungry Dark- Chapter 3

Guards were positioned up and down the Wyvern Trench. Well hidden with Ghillie armor, which also provided protection against the heat, they each held assault rifles. These guards were on important duty.

One of the guards was Yulock. This was not the Darklords. This was the last remaining large tribe besides them, known as the Dragonslayers. Yulock figured that Sean would decide to move to a friendly tribe, and this was the only known friendly tribe left in all of Valguero.

After a few days, Yulock decided to take drastic actions. He fled to the aberration cave. This had been near where Sean was before. But Sean wasn’t there anymore. Instead, there was a purple Deinonychus body lying dead on the ground...

Yulock crept closer to Nightshade’s corpse. He crept back. He fled back into the massive caverns. He would build an army there. And that Deinonychus wasn’t dead...


The redwoods interesting place. Sean had been there before, but he had never really been “Thyla’d.” In truth, he didn’t know what that was.

Of course, until a giant cat dropped from the trees to attack Sean.

Nightshade was there, of course. She had been playing dead to fool that man. Somehow he had escaped.

But the Thyla ripped Sean off his mount.

“Perfect tame!” Sean yelled, fumbling for his Longneck and rapidly firing tranq darts into the furry hide of the beast.

After much too long of a struggle, the Thyla went out cold.

“We’d better find a sheep before this wakes up.” Sean said to Nightshade, who ran off. She soon came back with a plump Ovis from the White Cliffs. They killed it, and fed the mutton to the Thyla.

It soon woke up. Sean stepped back a bit. The Thyla, however, purred happily and nuzzled Sean.

“Let’s name our new friend Timber.” Sean said, noting the gray patches amidst the light scarlet of the thyla’s main coat, and thinking about how they fall out of the trees to kill you.

A saddle wasn’t too hard. Just when they fitted Timber with it, a voice could be heard. Nightshade also smelled a Ravager.

“Target located. Moving in.”

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