Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 10

I was currently in the docks, alone. I could see some stairs, which lead to another room. I took the stairs, got to the room and I quickly killed a few URE soldiers. I could hear emergency alarms going off, screaming “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY. FEDERATION SOLDIERS IN THE TEK RIFLE FABRICATOR ROOM, KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY.” So now I probably didn’t have anyone to fight, but I could try to pick off some URE soldiers by surprise. I navigated around the ship, killing off enemy units. I made it to a fabricator room, and I could see TEK railguns being made. I heard something being grabbed, and I instantly dashed off to the side. I heard a a railgun being shot, and then I looked where the bullet came from. I approached while also being ready to fire. I got to whoever that person was, and dodged another railgun shot and blasted the enemy unit.

“REPORT TO SECONDARY CONTROL ROOM IMMEDIATELY. ENEMY UNITS ARE SEEN HOLDING EXPLOSIVES, STOP THEM NOW.” I heard the alarm say. The specialists had made it far, maybe I could get to them and make it out alive with them. I continued towards the core of this place, and this place was pretty damn huge, or that’s what it felt like atleast. I made it to the secondary control room, and I didn’t see the specialist team anywhere. The alarms didn’t say anything, maybe they had disabled it. Corpses littered the ground, it was surprising how many the team had killed. I made it to the main control room, and I could see somebody in the middle of the room, holding a TEK rifle, and a railgun on strapped to his back, which was probably a secondary. I also could see a belt with strange capsules with a blue liquid strapped to his side.

“Another Terran federation scum that want to challenge me? Your fighting for the wrong the side bud.” He said.

“Your trying defend an already defeated faction.” I replied. He turned around, and shot a volley of TEK rifle bullets at me. I dodged to the far right, and opened fire. I took cover behind a control panel, but that got destroyed quickly.

“You can’t hide from me, idiot.” He said.

“You sure you aren’t just mindlessly destroying things?” I replied. I heard him mutter something as he threw out something, and then a tek wall separated us.

“Your just a waste of time, I’ve got a bomb to defuse.” He said.

“Damn it…” I whispered to myself. I shot at the tek wall, but nothing. Luckily for me, I had grabbed a TEK Railgun in the railgun fabricator room. I could see his head through the x-ray scope, and I shot. I heard a thud, and the wall disappeared. He was definitely dead, so I had to check if he delayed the timer. The timer said an hour, so I reduced it to three minutes, just enough time for me to escape. I noticed that this room overlooked an exo-mek fabricator room. Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I turned around, and I saw a railgun pointed in my direction. I shot the supposedly “dead” corpse a few times to confirm he died. I just had to ignore the pain, and I could get out of here, alive hopefully. I broke through this room to the exo-mek room, and hopped into an exo mek.

“Sir, I detect this place is about to be destroyed. What do you want me to do?” The exo-mek said.

“Show me the nearest exit route.” I said.

“Showing nearest exit route… readying boosters.” The exo-mek said. I ignored it, and the mek went auto pilot and ran towards the nearest exit. I had made near the end, and then I heard the tek bomb go off.

“GO!” I said. The exo-mek made it to one of the docks, and then got outside and engaged the boosters he was readying. The exo-mek disabled the boosters, and hit a random TEK jet, which turned the mek around, and I could see the space station being destroyed from the inside. The space station started to drift towards the moon, when suddenly there was a huge explosion. I blocked it with my arm, but what I saw? No signs of the space station, not a single wreckage, and a destroyed moon.

“If anybody can hear me, I’m in an enemy exo-mek out in space, if anybody could get me that would help.” I said into the radio that I finally decided to use.

“Tracking you now, on our way.” Said somebody. Only now I noticed I was bleeding, heavily. I was so focused on escaping, that I hadn’t even noticed I was dying. I could feel my eyes getting heavy after a few minutes, I wasn’t going to die. Not before I could escape, atleast. I caught a glimpse of people coming to help, but then my eyes closed. I had caused the moon to be destroyed, but for what? For the federation… they need to win this.

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