Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 6

So, we left off at the URE sending heavy weapons at us. TEK fighter jets zoomed across the sky, sending an endless barrage of lasers, with TEK tanks sending huge, explosive tek shots. The only way for survival was to retreat, otherwise we would all die here. I shot down a fighter jet with my tek railgun, and then I switched to my tek rifle and retreated with everyone else. We might have to run from all this, on foot which would be almost impossible, seeing that is a desert area. I shot at more of the fighter jets with my rifle, destroying a few. I had gotten so used to timing these tek bullets, that it felt weird using other weapons that didn’t have the same travel time.

* * *

It had been a while, everyone had escaped with many losses, but Ryan and Julia were alive, and that’s what mattered to me.

“So, that was hell of an escape, yeah?” I said, talking to Ryan and Julia.

“They might be able to push us further, maybe to one of the cities that the feds own.” Ryan said.

“Only if they know what their doing and do everything carefully and correctly.

“Maybe” I said.

“I wonder how long we’ll be out here.” Said Ryan.

“Probably until we die.” Said Julia.

“On that note, we should probably go. I’m tired, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, yawning. I headed back to my Cabin that I shared with a few others, and then we awaited what would happen next.

(Sorry for the short chapter, but I plan on making this 15-20 chapters, so it won’t end for a while -Lamprey)

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