Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 3

Mission went well, and we gave the data to the people that know how to use it. It had been a few days since that mission, but you know where I am currently? Well, I was quit high up, and I mean high up. I could see the entire thing from here! This place has been built up pretty high, with element and metal, so it was pretty strong. I probably forgot a few resources, but that doesn’t matter. Just then, I got a report for a mission, seems there’s a bounty on somebody’s head, so it looks like I and the people I’m working with could use the money. Did I ever make it sound like I was a soldier for Terran Federation? I never was, I’m just a bounty Hunter being hired to do some work by the military. I accepted the mission, and I made my way to the meeting area where my squad is. I also jumped from this high place just because I had my tek suit. Once I got to the meeting area, they explained where they were, and what the tek suit looked like. This wasn’t going to be easy, seeing how high of a rank this is.

* * *

It had been a while, but we had made it to the area. We hopped out of the tek drop ship, and our mission began here. This was just a desert area, with a random bunker entrance. Don’t know why a high value target would be in a closed of area, unless there’s a good escape plan if he ever got caught. Ryan put a few C4s on the bunker entrance, and then detonated them once everyone got back. That was a loud boom, so they probably know we’re here. Everyone pulled out their tek rifles, and we charged in. We got close to a stair way, which probably led downwards. “Enemy units in sight.” I said, before we started firing. I got hit a couple times, but by the time the pain was gone, the fight was over.

We continued downwards, until we got to bottom floor. When we got down there, we all realized this wasn’t a bunker, it was a tek manufacturing area, or that’s what we all saw atleast.

“They seem to be making tek gear here.” Julia said.

“Ryan, you got any more explosives?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m out.” Ryan replied.

“So we just have to destroy this entire place with our weapons.” I said.

“Your the one who holds too much ammunition, so we probably could.” Ryan said.

“Hopefully.” I said, ending the conversation. Everyone made their way forward, destroying as much as we could. We made it to our target, but this was the end of the mission, probably.

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