Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 2

So, this wasn’t going to be an easy fight. We were outnumbered, and standing right out there in the open. It seems they had disabled the tek tripwire trap so nobody would activate it. I threw a tek grenade on to one of them, and then everyone began firing. Everyone quickly found cover after they had to let their tek rifles cool down. I peeked out of cover, and I saw atleast 6 enemy units, and three of them on the ground. I began firing at the enemy units, hitting a good amount of them in quick succession. After I had started to let my rifle cool, everyone else began firing.

“All down!” Said Ryan. I noticed our fourth squad mate, he was newer to the squad, and what was his name again? It was Ben. He was mute, but he was damn good at his job, well deserved promotion.

“We need to get out of here.” I said.

“But how?” Said Ryan.

“I found a few files of the entire place, and I’ve found an alternate escape route the URE won’t be expecting.” Said Julia.

“Then let’s go.” I said. We followed Julia out of this place, with nobody finding us. I turned and looked at this huge, metal structure. URE still hadn’t made tek structures? I called for evac, and then a few minutes later an evac ship made it. We all hopped in to the evac ship, and then shortly blasting in to hyper speed. We had made it back, and now we had completed our mission.

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