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Chapter 1 (sorry for not writing, I had to figure out what was going to happen.)

Walter was walking down the street. He had woken up not too long ago, but he had already drank coffee. Everything seemed normal, until he heard something strange in ally way. He walked over to investigate, and he saw something black and purple.

“What is this?” Walter bent down to grab it, but then it spreaded. It spreaded up the wall, and then it was out of sight. Walter went back to walking down the street, and then heading back home. Then he heard screams. He looked behind him, seeing a crowd running. This is strange, this never has happened before, Walter thought to himself. Then, he saw what the crowd was running from: humans covered with the black and purple stuff. Walter decided to run with the crowd, seeing them run for an unknown reason. He looked back, then realizing the weird substance covered humans, infecting them. Walter then made it to his home, quickly entering it in hopes to hide from the infected. He quickly pulled out his phone to see if the news had anything to say, and there was a lot. Apparently the black and purple stuff was called “corruption” and that they were attracted to sound, and this planet was the second to get hit by corruption. Walter walked over to a secret bin under his bed, opening it and pulling out a sharp knife to defend himself. Citizens weren’t aloud to have weapons, but Walter had it hidden just in case. Maybe he could survive in his home for a bit before having to scavenge for supplies.

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