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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 55

John was falling from the sky, panicking. Then he remembered that his tek suit had a jet pack that he could use. When John got close to the ground, he used it to avoid the fall damage.

“You did well defeating the king titan.” Said George.

“What are you going to do now?” Asked John.

“Since you killed the king titan, I killed your ice titan.” Said George.

John quickly turned to look at his ice titan. He saw it disappear like his mega mek did.

“Well, now I will have to defeat you.” Said George.

John remembered that he had a few more cryopods with meks In them. He threw out a cryopod and a new mek he had never seen was standing in front of him. Then he heard something falling from the sky. It was a mek.

“I’ve come down to defeat you.” Said George.

“How did you get down here?” Said John.

“You see, my mek is made of different materials, good enough to survive falling down from space. And I have been coming down ever since you were fighting the king titan.” Said George.

George’s mek started running toward John. George tried to hit John with his sword, but he blocked it. George quickly started shooting his mek’s tek gun and caught John off guard. The tek bullets stunned John’s mek. George quickly stabbed John’s mek and jumped back.

“Going to try harder?” Said George.

John shot at George, but he dodged it easily. John then charged at George, but he cut the John’s mek in half. John wasn’t hit, but George stabbed the cockpit, killing John.

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