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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 52

John didn’t know what to do. He looked around for any exits to his mostly crushed mek. He saw a weakened wall, so he broke it. When John exited his mek, he remembered the ice titan.

“How am I going to do this.” John said to himself. He realized the titan hadn’t noticed him yet. John took advantage of this and got close to the titan. He pulled out his tek railgun and aimed at the corruption. He shot the corruption, and surprisingly, that was the last shot it needed. The titan fell to the snowy ground, unconscious. John tamed it and got out of the snowy area. After he made it out of the snow globe, he saw the wasteland. Nothing was in the wastelands. John wondered why, and then he realized that it might be because the king titan knows of his plans to stop him. After traveling through the wastelands, he made it to the desert outpost.

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