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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 46

They were at the outpost deciding what to do next.

“I only saw the dragon, manticore, megapithecus, and the Crystal Queen.” Said John.

“And you said George betrayed you too, leading you into the king titan’s trap.” Said Carter.

“Yep.” Said John.

“Well, if it’s just that wyvern Queen and the gorilla left, we should defeat them.” Said Dexter.

“But there is also the titans too.” Said John.

“We should try to get as many titans on our side as possible. We need them to defeat the king Titan before he kills us.” Said Carter.

“Which Titan do we do first?” Asked Dexter.

“We need to do the desert Titan first. I have argentavis to help us with this fight. Then after we do the desert Titan, we should do the forest Titan and then ice Titan.” Replied Carter.

“Do we have the stuff to get the titans to our location?” Asked John.

“Yes, we have everything.” Replied Carter.

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