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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 45

They were making a plan to defeat the corrupt dragon and manticore at the same time, when they heard a roar in the distance.

“How did they already find us?” Wondered John.

“They won’t stop until your dead.” Said Dexter.

“If they can’t kill you, they might try to get one of us with them.” Said Susan.

“We need to go out there and get ready. They are most likely very close by now.” Said Carter. They got inside of their meks and saw their enemies. They started running forward into battle. Their was corrupt pteranodons and dimorphodons. John shot the pteranodons out of the sky, when the dragon flew right at him. John got out of the way and landed a hit on the dragon. The dragon decided to swoop down at him again, and the beast hit John. After John was hit, he grabbed the dragon’s leg started to stab the dragon until it died. The Dragon shook him off, but it died of bleeding. Then was the manticore who was next, who knew he couldn’t defeat them now. The manticore decided to swoop down at Susan, knocked her mek down. Then the manticore landed on Susan’s mek, ignoring the shots he was taking. He stabbed the cockpit of the mek with his scorpion tail.

“No!” Said John, rushing over to see if Susan was ok. The manticore roared, and flew at John. He stabbed it in the head with his sword, and it died. John got out of his mek and went over to Susan’s mek to check the cockpit. He saw Susan in there, dead.

“We lost her.” Said John.

“Now there is just three of us. First Axel dies, and now Susan.” Said Dexter. They returned to their outpost, which wasn’t too far away.

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