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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 41

As they went inside the cave, they could see many walkers in the process of being made. They saw were the bomb needed to be placed. But as soon as they got close, something jumped down in front of them. They realized it was a giant spider.

“It’s the broodmother!” Said Dexter.

“And it’s also corrupt.” Said Axel. Then more spiders started coming. They killed the small spiders, and then went for the broodmother. The broodmother shot poison at the meks, but they dodged. Then as John got close, the broodmother tried to hit him but he had jumped back. John then hit one of the front legs of the spider, and it fell off.

“I cut off a leg.” Said John. The Broodmother hissed, and climbed away.

“That’s not the last we’ll see of that spider.” Said Carter.

“Anyways, I’ll get down there and set the bomb.” Said Axel. Axel exited his mek and went down to the spot. He set up the bomb and gave it enough time to escape.

“The bomb is set. Let’s get going now.” Said Axel. They all got out, except Axel because he was behind. When Axel got close to the exit, the Broodmother jumped down in front of him. Then the Broodmother webbed the doors shut.

“I can’t get out!” Said Axel.

“Well... the broodmother is taking you with her.” Said Dexter.

“This is the end for me. Finish the job. It was nice working with you.” Said Axel. After Axel said that, they heard a explosion.

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