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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 39

“I thought there was going to be giganotosaurus.” Said Carter.

“That’s for red drops.” Said Dexter. They walked past many creatures. Corrupt creatures, which they tried to ignore, but couldn’t, and a lot of gasbags. Then they saw a big tek creature.

“Walker!” Said Dexter.

“What are these things?” Asked John.

“Walkers are very strong tek creatures. They have four legs and a laser cannon.” Explained Dexter.

“Then how to we destroy it?” Said John.

“Usually somebody distracts it and then another person goes behind it and destroys the core.” Said Dexter.

“Dexter, you distract it. John will go behind it and destroy it.” Said Carter.

“Understood.” They both said. Dexter hovered in front of the walker, and John went behind it and shot the core. The walker then was on fire, with purple flames and then proceeded to explode.

“I hear the King titan has a big thing of them being made in the sunken forest. We need to destroy it next, or our fight with the king will not go well.” Said Carter.

“We should do that next. Axel is a demolition guy.” Said Dexter.

“I’ll blow it up. I haven’t done it in while.” Said Axel.

“I haven’t heard from George much. Hasn’t spoken until I met Dexter.” Said John. After about 30 minutes they made it back to the desert outpost.

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