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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 37

“Head in there. They should be waiting for you. I told them that you were close.” Said George. John opened the metal door and walked in. The room was big and hot. He saw industrial cookers, forges, and cookers. “Hello there.” Said a voice. John looked in the direction where the voice had came from and saw a man in a red tek suit. “You must be the new person. Welcome to the team, John. Also, I’m Dexter.” Said Dexter.

“The others are looking for crystal and gems.” Said Dexter.

“Understood. Do you know when they will be back?” Asked John

“That I do not know.” Replied Dexter


The metal door opened up and a few people in tek walked in. “This the new person?” Asked one of the people in tek.

“Yep.” Replied Dexter.

“Well hello then, new person. I’m Axel.” He said.

Axel was in a green painted tek suit. There were two others, a person in a dark blue tek suit and one in a purple tek suit. “This is Carter.” He pointed at the one in dark blue. “And the other one is Susan.” Said Axel. They both said hello and John did the same. “Anyways, what’s the plan?” Asked Dexter.

“The plan is to do a orbital supply drop. We have decent Meks for a yellow one.” Said Carter.

“And John, we have a meek waiting for you outside the base. He has some element in him, enough to do the supply drop.” Said Carter.

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