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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 35

It was a bumpy ride down to earth. “Be careful down there. Corrupted creatures are going to come to your drop pod to investigate the sound.” Said George. Then he had landed. George wasn’t joking when he said there would be corrupted creatures. There was a rex and a pack of raptors. “Oh yeah, forgot to mention that tek stuff is more effective against corrupted creatures. Any corrupted creature there shouldn’t be a problem.” Said George. The exit to the drop pod burst open, alerting the corrupt creatures of John’s exact location. John carefully exited the drop pod and shot two of the four corrupt raptors. He had managed to kill those two of guard, then the other two raptors came at him. Of course, he killed them easily, but then he heard a roar. The roar of a rex. He turned around to see a corrupt rex. John ran away from the rex while also shooting it, to prevent it from eating him. The rex died quickly, then he could hear George speaking. “Get out of there while you still can.more corrupt creatures will be coming.” As soon as John heard this, he could see a lot of corrupt creatures in the distance. “Your tek suit has a jet pack and can make you run very, very fast.” Said George.

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