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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 34

“Now, before you go down to earth, your going to need to put on the tek suit in the armory. Also, grab some element when your there, your going to need a good amount of it.” Said George. John headed towards the armory, and saw everything he needed. A few minutes later, he had everything he needed. A tek rifle, tek armour, and a tek railgun. “Usually we don’t just give tek stuff to people who have just exited the simulation, but I’ll make an exception.” Said George. “I think your ready to go down to earth. We have a landing spot ready. Get into the drop pod, and I will send you to earth. But your mission is to kill the king titan, free the land of corruption, and find survivors. Understood?” Said George “understood.” Said John. “Also, the tek suit has a built in radio, so you can speak with me and your team.” John got into the tek drop pod and said he was ready, and the drop pod went to its targeted location.

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