Epic battle scenario:

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Epic battle scenario:

Ten Karkinos, each carrying two Velonasaurs. X-Argies overhead carrying more Velonasaurs

Opponents: Two gigas and a squadron of X-Rexes

Area: Genesis Volcano

The Karkinos smash the Rexes, whipping the Velonasaurs back and forth. The Velonasaurs fire at the enemies. The gigas knock a lot of the Velonasaurs into lava, but the argys drop reinforcements down. The Karkinos fire the Velonasaurs at the gigas, but they are killed. The remaining crabs knock the giga back into the lava and the Velonasaurs finish it off.

Unfortunately, you canโ€™t fire Velonasaurs when you pick them up with a crab, but this is a cool concept

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