The Swamp- Chapter 13- the last chapter!!!

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The Swamp- Chapter 13- the last chapter!!!

Roughtooth lay dead in a pool of blood. He had died fighting, and he hadn’t done enough.

Nox was angrier than the giga. He ran towards him, not caring if he died. He leaped onto the giga and ripped and bit at his leg.

Titan roared and shot a blast from his cannon. Nox could heat Kai scream as he was electrocuted. Not Kai. First Roughtooth, and now Kai...

Pouncer nabbed Nox. “The building is crumbling!” She yelled. They made it out, and so did Cutter. As soon as they did, the building collapsed.

Nox started in horror. Kai was dead. His brother was dead.

They broke the news to Sunny, who said nothing. They had to get back home.

“Wait for me!” A voice choked. Kai stumbled up the cliff somehow, half dead, before he collapsed onto Sunny’s back.

They flew on silently home. When they got there, they were accepted into Kai’s tribe. The kapros were finally home.

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