Swampling tales

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Swampling tales

Chapter three

Gizmo was terrified, the Swamp Badgers had attacked there burrow, slaughtering innocent Swamplings and raiding supplies. As far as she knew, she had to get out. She hopped to her feet and scuttled towards the exit, she climbed up the slope and covered her eyes with her front paws as the sun glared down at her.

“Gizmo? Is that you?” The voice was her mothers, and she ran towards her, snuggling up to her warm fur.

“Yes mother, it is me” she looked around, the only survivors were her mother, Goldenfur (the leader), Bigears, Stripe (gremlins reference), Haskins (another gremlin) and Silver.

“We have to get out of here” Goldenfur announced.

“I agree” said Stripe, who was the pack deputy.

“Burrows are too easy for the Swamp Badgers to raid, we need something stronger, and we need to find somewhere with more food” Haskins suggested.

“I agree with the first part” Silver said, “but you only said the second one because you’re obsessed with food, you never stop eating!”

“That’s a lie!”

“Enough bickering!!” Stripe roared, “we need to leave, otherwise we’ll all be dead soon” Gizmo thought about what life would be like now, but she would soon know, as they set off to find a new home...

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