This is the story of how i got my first jerboa.

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This is the story of how i got my first jerboa.

It all started one day a Tuesday to be precise. I was playing ragnarok and had just murdered a dilo that was being annoying when i saw it....a precious little jerboa... i immediately checked my inventory and saw that i had berries.I rushed over to the blob of floof and fed it all of the berries i had. It tamed. I took it home on my quetzal(that took 50000 years) and ran to tell my friend we had a new member to the squad. Jack the jerboa (I callex it jack to honor jacksepticeye alright?) Was the prime member of our group. We had otters and dilos and dodos but nothing was better than jack. When times were hard jack was there to help. Only one day... it happened. Me and my buddy were about to go and tame a rex when the rex came and chomped up poor jack. Jack you only lived for around a week felt like a year. I hope things are goin good now.

This story was brought to you by Gerald. He is not a potato though. Stop calling him a potato.

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