I had a wolf.

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I had a wolf...I named her Glimmer and I loved her more than anything else. One day I decided to take her with me hunting for a good high level raptor. That was a terrible idea. After finding a pack of raptors and Killing all but the one i needed to tame I realized that Glimmer was gone. I quickly tamed the raptor and ran to go find her. I didn't find her anywhere... I knew goddamn well she wasn't dead so what happened? A few days later I was in the Artic biome and saw a wolf alone fighting a mammoth. The mammoth was winning. Eventually the wolf was killed and I received a message saying that Glimmer was killed. That meant that the wolf i saw was Glimmer! Long story short i lost my favourite tame and later on saw it die and not do anything because I didn't know.

I really miss her...

This story was by -A Souless Deathclawesker-

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