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Griffin Tales

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Griffin Tales

Chapter 5

Alvadas woke up, again in a room. Not a cage, though.

"Quickly, get the kibble in before he-" She got cut off by the wide open eyes of Alvadas.

He quickly got up and grabbed a Survivor.

Running down the cage hall, he spotted whiteish feathers.

"Kalbino!" Alvadas roared, banging on the bars to try to break them.

"Alvadas? How are the others?"

"Just- help- me- break- you- out!" Alvadas huffed between pushes. He heard several Survivors come this way.

"There's a hole there. They put something in there to open the cage," Kalbino observed. "Find the object that fits."

Nodding, Alvadas ran over to the humans, knocking them over like pebbles. He searched for this object, and swiped a shingling thing that had the object that fits on it.. Only many of them.

Alvadas poked each one into the hole, then finally, a copper one fit. The cage swung open and Kablino rushed out.

They saw the humans racing on their tails, when Alvadas turned around and barged through them, braking most of the bones.

"That should slow them down while we free the others!" He said.

"Cillyt, Gorkon, Sunlow, and us were captured. Ripnami is trying to infiltrate the place, luckily she has stealth." Kalbino replied.

"How do you know this?" Alvadas panted.

"I watch and learn."

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