Griffin Tales

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Griffin Tales

Chapter 3

"We need to go!" Alvadas screamed. As the six headed into the giant flying crowd.

"I'll stay with you," Ripnami said as the others split up.

Heading towards the front, Alvadas noticed that there were lots and lots of them wearing tek suits.

A few caught the first ones, and Alvadas saw them go for Ripnami.

"Not today!" He said triumphantly as he shoved the hover skiff away with brute force.

Another hover skiff went behind him, and they shot at him.

Alvadas shoved that, too. But many more surrounded him.

Ripnami took out one, but soon fled at the overwhelming numbers.

"Ripnami!" He wailed, being shot at by tranq darts. His flight became wobbly

"Hel- help!" He said, but soon he fell, the darkness surrounded him.

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