Part 1: The beginning

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Part 1: The beginning

If you do plan on getting genesis, here’s what you should know:

Genesis is hard. Starting out in the bog is almost necessary, due to the arctic being extremely cold (I have an otter with over 500 melee and I can reach freezing point at high places, other than that my character is fine.) Genesis is full of high lvls, and the special X-Creatures. X-creatures are a pain to tame, because they have a damage reduction meaning more tranqs. I lvl 145 takes over 250 tranq arrows. It’s more of the start, when your starting in the bog make a bow and cloth armour, then go straight for metal. There’s a metal cavern with a few dangerous creatures at the “another bog hunt” mission. Or you could find metal yourself. That’s for starting, heres the mission types and what you should have.

Part 2: missions

The missions can be fun. The types of missions are:

Track and hunt

Find and retrieve

Defend the creature

And fishing.

You should do these missions, as they train you for the final boss, corrupted master controller. The track and hunt missions are very fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s annoying just following the foot prints. They glow red in bushes or hard to find areas, but sometimes if you miss a foot print you have to back track for the brute creature to spawn, or for more tracks to find. You can do gamma with a decent creature, but for beta you want multiple rexes, I brought some which had either 15000 hp, or 20000 hp, over 1000% damage, or over 600. Rexes managed to die during the fight on beta, so if your doing alpha bring your mutated rexes or whatever creatures your using, because your gonna need it.

Find and retrieve missions are fun. You have to fight your way through many creatures to the objective, where you and your creature must then destroy the thing that has what you need, and then dismount and grab it. When you dismount, make sure the area is cleared, but more will spawn. Once you have what you need, you have about 2 minutes to get out of there before you fail the mission. Oh yeah also when your escaping creatures might block the way.

Defend the creature mission are good missions to. Again, like the track and hunt missions bring decent Dinos for gamma, decent Dinos for beta, and mutated ones for alpha. On gamma you get a huge damage boost, on beta you get no damage boost, and I think on alpha you get a small damage reduction debuff. You need to defend the creature as it can only take so many hits before death. Creatures will keep spawning and try to kill the creature, but you have to defend. Simple but decently hard missions.

Fishing missions are really boring and barely give any hexagons, which is the currency you can use to purchase materials from mini-HLNA. Overall pretty good DLC, the start is a bit annoying but if you get a decent creature you should be fine.


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