I was bored so I did this:

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I was bored so I did this:

Every Halo game ranked from worst to best in my opinion (by the way, I have not played Halo 5 or the halo wars games, so they aren’t on this list)

6: Halo 4. It had some fun parts, and I generally enjoyed the bits that had the covenant in, but I think it was let down by having the prometheans as the main enemies. Overall: 6/10

5: Halo 3: ODST. This one was quite good, but the fact you don’t play as a Spartan makes the combat harder, sometimes to the point where I just get annoyed with it, apart from that, it was ok. Overall: 6/10

4: Halo: Combat Evolved. I know it probably sounds ridiculous putting the first game so low on the list, but I have a good reason for it. The game starts of fun and enjoyable, but once you reach the level ‘343 Guilty Spark’ and the flood are introduced, the game gets harder, and I start to get annoyed. The last level is my least favourite part, the bit where you are escaping the ship in a warthog is ridiculously hard and I haven’t even completed it, so I don’t even know how the freaking game ends! First half: 8/10. Second half: 7/10

3: Halo 3. This one is more enjoyable than the first in my opinion, and one of the best Halo games. The brutes are fun enemies to fight and are a welcome change to the elites of the previous two games. I really like the new vehicles and weapons that were added to the game along with the brutes. The only part I don’t like is the flood. The addition of the more powerful ‘pure forms’ make an already hard enemy even harder, and at times I really can’t be bothered fighting flood because of this. Overall: 8/10

2: Halo 2. This game is great, I think it’s a big improvement over Halo:CE and is much more enjoyable. The addition of dual wielding makes the game really fun and the battle rifle and SMG are great new weapons. The Brutes are challenging endgame enemies (but not too challenging) and made the last levels harder in a good way. My absolute favourite part is the Arbiter, and playing as him is one of the highlights of the Halo series for me. Overall: 9/10

1: Halo Reach. This is by far my favourite halo game and was my introduction to the series, and I will always love it for that. The combat is fun all the way through and i love some of the weapons that are exclusive to this game, like the plasma repeater and DMR (is DMR In Halo 4? I can’t really remember). This game is so different from all the others and that’s why I like it so much. It’s not different in a bad way like ODST, it’s different in a good way. Being able to fight in a team with the rest of Noble team makes things more fun for me. Overall, this is my favourite halo game and along with halo 2, it’s one of my favourite games ever. 9/10


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