Going to the aurora except the reapers aren’t scary. (Subnautica part 3. By Lamprey)

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Going to the aurora except the reapers aren’t scary. (Subnautica part 3. By Lamprey)

I got onto Subnautica after re-watching a video of how to get cyclops fragments. I knew later this day I had messed around in creative and spawned in a ton of reapers, over 100 at the safe shallows. I thought about that for a bit as I was loading into my survival world. Once I loaded in, I headed towards the aurora and saw a bit of a reaper leviathan with my sonar, but it was turning nighttime so I headed back to my base. The next morning I headed towards the aurora in my sea moth, which I changed the paint job to look a bit like a reaper, with the red and white colors. Once I got to the aurora, strangely I didn’t feel that much fear, I didn’t want to instantly turn back. Was it because I spawned in a lot of reapers in creative and seen how big and loud they are? Maybe it was that. I exited my sea moth, after using my sonar a bit to get one last good look at that reaper lurking in that murky water. I headed over there, and checked the small ridge. I didn’t see any reapers, and then I headed a bit forwards and then I saw it, the reaper leviathan. At first he was being loud. “BENJAMIN STOP.” I said. And yes, I really did just name a reaper leviathan Benjamin. Benjamin didn’t like what I said and then charged at me, his mandibles ready. I charged up my stasis rifle as much as possible and then I released the stasis bubble. I examined Benjamin a bit, but didn’t scan him. Then I continued to look around for engine fragments, which I found all of. And then it turned night. I got to the ridge again, and I turned around to see Benjamin charging at me!

“Benjamin, we talked about this!” I said as I shot the stasis bubble at him. I quickly got to my sea moth and got out of there as Benjamin headed back into the murky water. The next morning I did the same thing. Headed towards the aurora, except this time I was looking for cyclops bridge fragments. Once I got there I did the same thing, and I didn’t see my angry friend, Benjamin. I headed into the murky water, this time heading further, around the booster or whatever it’s called. I found the bridge fragments and got the cyclops. I got out of there, made as many of the stuff I needed for the cyclops as possible, saved, and then exited the game.

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