ARK Myths: Venenum Tenebris- By Swamp Guy

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ARK Myths: Venenum Tenebris- By Swamp Guy

(Venenum Tenebris approximately means Dark Poison in Latin)

Venenum Tenebris was a massive Megalania who waited in the depths of aberration for prey to come. Once, a giga wandered there from some unseen place. The skeleton of that unfortunate giga still lies in the Grave of the Lost.

The venom of Venenum Tenebris was strong enough to melt element. Every day, he would bathe in the molten element. His hide was so thick, not even a tek bomb could break it.

One day, Venenum Tenebris was searching for his prey when he came upon a survivor with an army of Basilisks. The fearsome snakes slayed the Megalania minions of VT. The survivor then sent them on Venenum Tenebris. The giant beastโ€™s hide was finally penetrated, and when it was knocked into the element, a hole was carved through it, killing it.

The minions of Venenum Tenebris fled Aberration, never to return. They hid on the ceilings of the other ARKโ€™s caverns, killing any survivor who crossed their path.

Swamp Guy- Yep, Iโ€™m writing myths now. Yep, I found an English-Latin converter on google.

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