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ARK wiki says this is the most uppedplayer tip:

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ARK wiki says this is the most uppedplayer tip:

‘If you encounter one of these in the wild with a tribe mate, just bola the tribe mate and run.’

But it isn’t, this tip is:

‘ I dare you to raise one!! They are savage if you got two high lvl parents (about lvl 140ish) and you get imprinting on it. The thing will become an adult with about 230% melee and basically one chomp any bronto!!! But on the down side you loose your job and your girlfriend’

There is an 11,000 up difference, along with the haters who downtips for no reason, but, I’m not the guy who wrote the first tip, though seriously, the top tip has ~4000 ups it should have more it is VERY good advice, the second tip has ~15,000, it is more of the tip you read just to waste your time.

Thanks for reading, please up the 4000 ish tip at the top, have it hold its position. Otherwise, we will have a less catch-phrasey most upped tip!

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