Protectors of pandora

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Protectors of pandora

Chapter 35 ~the effects of element~

“Ferox.” The voice said. The group turned to look they could just see a shadow in the torchlight coming from the hall, it was huge, like a four armed hulk crossed with a wherewolf. Then the figure walked closer and the shadow changed into a much smaller version, when the creature turned the corner they could see her for what she was, a small jerboa like creature with four arms and a bushy tail. She was standing in a very stuck up dignified way, standing very straight with her four arms behind her back. She wore a crown made of silver, adorned with cyan gemstones and her coloration was white and grey. “Wait that’s da queen..” Wan said cracking up, “she’s smaller than us.” Prankster said laughing, they all laughed except the Yeti Queen and the Direwolf. “Ahh so you haven’t heard of me.” The Ferox said in a very royal sounding voice, “well, let me show you why they fear me…” she said. “What are you gonna do strangle us with your little arms?!” Ron said cracking up. “Why, yes.” The Queen said, she pulled a chunk of metal out from behind her, “see this? This is the most powerful substance in this entire world. I’m told the world is made of it, and it has a very riveting effect on those of my, heritage.” She ate the metal with a horrible chewing sound, her eyes glowed like pink fire. “NOW YOU SHALL FEEL TRUE POWER.” She said mid transformation. The Yeti Queen and the Wolf took a few steps back in fear as she mutated. When the metamorphosis was complete, her crown fell from her head and her original shadow made a lot more sense…

Sorry 1% battery had to cut it short, I plan on putting out the next few quick and then the next arctic chapter will be a long one.

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