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Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 6

It had been 3 days since the attack from URE. Most of the soldiers wound’s were healed by now, and a few people in federation, along with me were going to scout how far away they were. We left base, with a long travel ahead of us. Few hours later we had spotted some activity. They had a camp just a few hours away from us. It was quite big, and we decided to sabotage their generators. I took out my tek binoculars and looked for generators. Eventually, I found three. They weren’t as heavily guarded, mostly because it was night, but maybe we could sneak past and disable it. There was 6 of us in total.

“We should split in to groups of two and disable the generators.” I suggested. Everyone agreed and we split up. Once we had gotten closer to the generator we were going to destroy, we saw guards. I pulled out a silenced pistol and shot two of them in the head multiple times. I turned on my helmet and checked for any more guards, and there was no guards. Pretty bad for guarding some important, eh? We snuck through and destroyed the generator. By the time we had gotten back to meeting area, everyone was there, and we headed back to base.

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