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Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 5

URE had pushed past the main defenses and had gotten midway through. No vehicles, they had done it on foot. I don’t know how they depleted our tek and heavy turret’s ammunition, but they got through. The alarms were going off, wanting everyone who could defend go to defend. I could finally test out my federation armour. I ran to the main defenses, and there they were, all in tek armour and ready to kill. I shot at them with my tek rifle, hitting one with multiple blasts killing him. They returned fire, but I hid around a wall spike. I pulled out my tek railgun, turning on my helmet and killed on behind cover. The last one retreated as everyone had arrived. We checked the turrets, they were full of ammo. How had they sneaked past the turrets. And then I heard a boom in the distance. It sounded like a tank, and once I got on top of the wall I saw what was happening. Multiple tanks and destructive vehicles were trying to breach the walls. I shot at a few of the tanks, damaging their armour, but not doing much to it. I threw a tek grenade on to the barrel of the tank I had shot at. Then, I watched it explode and heavily damage a tank close to it. Then I heard advanced cannons go off from the wall. Other soldiers were doing good work to those tanks, and eventually they retreated. We would bite back at them soon enough, they would have to wait.

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