Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 4

We had made it back to our territory, in which the medics would help the wounded. I headed over to a tek specialist, told him armour needs power and there’s a hole in the armour. Not too long after it was fixed. I headed over to my cabin, and I got right to sleep. Next morning, everyone headed to roll call, I was already dismissed, because I had to meet with higher ranks. After I had gotten to the building, I noticed it was made of tek, with a pulse phasing through the building. I knocked on the door, and somebody instantly answered it.

“Hel- Oh. Your already here.” The person said. They were in tek armour, but it looked much different. I followed the person in, until I got to the meeting room.

“You’ve arrived! Anyways, we have discussed many thing, and we have decided that you can already have federation gear.”

“Already?” I said, confused.

“We don’t usually do this often, but we see lots of potential in you, we don’t want you to die.” He said. Then, I heard something behind me. I didn’t turn around, but then, one of the higher ranks said I could turn around and grab the federation gear. And then, I had tek federation armour, a federation rifle, federation railgun, and a federation sword. I was completely ready for battle.

“You are dismissed.” I was told. I made my way out of the building, only to be greeted with disaster.

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