Terran federation

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Terran federation

Chapter 3

I lied when I said machines. It seemed like fighting an experienced machine, but in reality is was just an extremely well trained unit. After laying waste to the soldiers of the URE that had attacked me, I was required to assist other soldiers. And then I heard it, a tek railgun. I saw the laser barely miss my head, before a volley of tek file bullets swarmed me. I boosted into the air, quickly turning on my tek helmet and then seeing my enemy. I pulled out my tek sword, and then launched myself straight at him. He quickly dodged it, and then shot his tek rifle. I quickly pulled my sword from the ground, sustaining damage from the bullets that had hit me. I pulled my tek rifle whilst dodging the other person’s tek rifle, before then firing back. No cover to hide behind, only a fight out in the open. He managed to hit me in the leg with his tek railgun, and then he charged his fist to quickly finish me, but I ignored the pain and shot him with my tek rifle, aiming for his head. After a couple shots, he fell to the ground, right in front of me. I grabbed his tek railgun, slinging it on my back, near my tek sword.

“Unit 223, where the hell are you?” I heard on the built in radio inside of my tek helmet.

“I had to defend myself against a tek unit, sir.” I replied.

“Then get over to those soldiers!” He barked. He sent me coordinates, in which I headed over to as fast I could. There was still a hole in my armour, but I had used a field-kit to help heal the wound. (Field-kits are just small medkits that have bandages and medbrews, along with the other essentials to heal wounds) Once I got to the coordinates, I was almost too late. Most of the soldiers either had many wounds, or straight up dead. I boosted into the air, and then fired at the enemies with my tek rifle. After a few had died, they instantly retreated. Had they also sustained casualties?

“How many wounded, and how many dead?” I asked a soldier as I landed with my tek boots.

“4 out of 20 dead, 10 wounded and need as much help as they can get.” The soldier replied.

“I’ll escort you out of here.” I said confidently.

“I don’t know if everyone can walk, and this is a huge ri-“ I interrupted him and said “I can defend all of you.” He replied with “Got it” and got everyone to head towards an evac ship. We were losing the battle, and we needed to escape. I was behind the group, watching for URE soldiers who might try to finish us off. Surprisingly, only a few URE soldiers attacked. Other than that, we made it to the evac ships as quick as we could. I was going to try to escort everyone to the evac ships as quick as possible, we didn’t need extra casualties. Eventually everyone made it, and I got on to the last evac ship.

“Good job out there, we couldn’t hold for long enough, so we must retreat further in to our territory.” Said the pilot. And an hour later we made it back.

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